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Stockholm 2008 - History Section Call for Papers


The 2008 IAMCR Congress will be held in Stockholm from July 20 to 25, 2008. The overall congress theme is “Media and Global Divides”. Although this topic could be seen as a reflection of the contemporary world it also has an historical dimension since various kinds of communication divides have existed in earlier times.

This notice is to call for submissions for the History Section of the
IAMCR Program. Papers are particularly sought around the following
related themes:

‘Media and Divides’ in Communication History

The notion of ‘divides’ is most commonly used to describe recent trends
in media development which have entrenched inequalities. However, the
notion can provide a useful framework for considering communication and
media history. If we look at the past, many kinds of divides have
existed in the world of journalism (or media in general) often linked
to technological, social or political reasons. Contributions about
these divides from an historical viewpoint are welcome as a necessary
background for a better understanding of contemporary situations.

Theoretical Foundations of Media History

Researching on Media History involves thinking about different
approaches that other authors have made in the past, the necessity of
interdisciplinary perspectives, and the consequent contributions of
other disciplines such as history, sociology, law, business, ethics,
etc. to an historical understanding of the role of the media. Papers
are welcome which elucidate the historical development of our
discipline, and analyse modern trends related to new information
societies and communication technologies.

Media, History and Globalisation

We wish to build upon previous theoretical and case study work in
communication history which has foregrounded the role of communications
(its technology and applications) in social formation and historical
change. Social and political history is seen as embedded within the
communication and media conditions and networks of specific historical
periods and locations. Papers are particularly welcome on:

  • Media and Empire: analysis of the relationships between media development and empires in different periods and regions;
  • Communication and political/social formation at the regional, national and global levels;
  • Communication and media network history, including work on news agencies;
  • Case studies – analyses of news events and their mediation (and
    the extent of their global reach and impact) given historical
    communication conditions.

The beginning of Journalists’ Associations: An International Comparative Perspective

The creation of journalists’ associations can be considered as an
important development in the historical evolution of modern journalism
both at the national level and internationally. Papers dealing with the
development and rationale of such associations are welcome. The aim is
to throw light on the development of journalism as a profession from an
internationally comparative perspective.

Other areas

Although contributions dealing with the topics mentioned above will be
given priority, papers are also sought on other areas of Media History
as there will be, if possible, some open sessions in the program as
well as themed sessions.

Abstracts and papers should be sent to:

Carlos Barrera
History Section Co-Chair
Email: cbarrera [AT]

Emailed submissions are preferred.  However, submissions may also be posted to:

Prof. Carlos Barrera
Department of Public Communication
Edificio de Bibliotecas
University of Navarra
31080 Pamplona (SPAIN)

The deadlines are as follows:

Submission of abstracts: 
15 February 2008 (papers will be assessed and
provisionally accepted on the basis of abstracts of between 300-500

Announcement of acceptances:  March 1, 2008

Full papers due:  June 15, 2008

IAMCR accepts presentations in English, French and Spanish.  However,
it is requested that abstracts, if at all possible, be submitted in

For further information visit the 2008 Stockholm Congress website.

Download this document as a PDF file:

icon Stockholm 2008 - History Section Call for Papers (24.43 KB)